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              PRODUCT CENTER


              ABOUT US

              Jiangsu Knl Hydraulic Pump Inc. is a joint-stock enterprise specialized in manufacturing high-pressure plunger pumps, motor accessories and series of hydraulic products. With 16,000 square meters standard workshop, fixed assets of 120 million yuan and modern production equipment, the company is located in the south of the Yangtze River, Yixing City, the capital of purple sand. Adjacent to Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, 104 National Highway, convenient transportation, superior geographical location, can be said to be unique. Since its inception, the company has been providing users with products and services that exceed the national industry standards. Scientific management has made the enterprise develop and grow continuously, composing the legend of high-tech leading the market.


              Our advantages


              High-quality products in stock Quality assurance

              Using high imitation / OEM products will affect the life of the machine
              KNL has a long time experience for product sale and eradicates counterfeit products completely
              Guarantee the quality of hydraulic products effectively


              No worries about the delivery time and stock

              Professional sales service team Ensure delivery on time
              Manufacture, sales, repair, adjustment, maintenance
              Manufacture, sales, repair, adjustment, maintenance


              Ultra-fast one-stop professional service

              Provide a complete hydraulic system solution
              KNL’s technical team has many years of experience in operations and services
              Provide customers with professional hydraulic system solutions


              Construction machinery

              Double pumps, single pumps, traveling motors, swing motors, etc. for excavators, pavers, road rollers, press pavers, drills, bulldozers, heavy excavators, road mixers, etc.

              Construction machinery

              Hydraulic main pump, concrete pump, concrete pump truck, concrete mixer truck, pile driver, etc.

              Industrial equipment

              Polyurethane foaming machine, ceramic press, airport plastic machinery, ship, chemical, metallurgy, aluminum profile MDF extrusion equipment

              Ship aviation

              Ships, such as rudder ship machines, anchoring machines, cranes, mud-washing vessels, trenching vessels, etc., are applied to ships, ships, operating systems and control systems on ships and ships.

              News information



              Kennedy Hot Selling Products

              So how many kinds of reversing valves are there? How do they work and exercise? Many users know that the commutation mode and the commutation control parameters in Rexroth vane pump system play a decisive role in commutation impact.


              How to deal with the unstable pressure oscillation of the pressure relief valve of Wiggs vane pump?

              Users who have used or are familiar with Wiggs vane pumps should know? According to the relevant standards, all kinds of pressure relief valves have relevant acceptance criteria for pressure swing when they leave the factory.


              Kennedy Hot Selling Products

              In August, sales are also in full swing. As always, we will serve you wholeheartedly and look forward to cooperating with you.

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